Deflationary Meme Token anchored by an expansive NFT marketplace, driven community, future dApp innovations, and charitable contributions.

The gold standard for all Wiener related memes, tokens, charitable contributions to dachshund rescues, and innovation in the blockchain arena.  We won't just go to the moon, we will stamp our $WIENER on it.

Who needs $ASS when you have $WIENER?

SUPER Deflationary, SUPER Equitable, SUPER Driven

$WIENER utilizes every function in regards to simple, yet proven deflationary DeFi tokenomics, while taking just 1% to further future innovations. 


These tokenomics were implemented with a 10% tax per transaction to ensure investors hold, penalize swing traders, and also ensure the longevity of the project. 


As investors buy and sell, the total supply will decrease, liquidity will increase, HODLers supply will increase, and the vested marketing campaign will be supplied.

1,000,000,000,000,000 initial token supply

3% per tx burned
3% per tx back to liquidity
3% per tx redistributed
1% per tx charity/marketing/promotional wallet

Customizable NFT Marketplace

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Expansive, Limitless, Community Driven


Wiener Token currently employs and will expand upon 2 artists that create proprietary NFT Artwork just for $WIENER.  These pieces will only increase in value and scarcity as this project continues to progress.


Specialized NFT memorbillia will be airdropped to Wiener Token holders, and there will be promotional events that commemorate achievements, milestones, and gratitude on part of the team.


In addition, Wiener Token will have its own proprietary NFT marketplace where HODLers can upload and sell their own Wiener related NFT art pieces.  


Disrupting the doge memecoin ecosystem, one bathroom break at a time.

With a vision that advocates for aggressive marketing plans, innovation with dApp, establishing partnerships with big influencers, expanding on a proprietary NFT marketplace, and branching out into mainstream media - i.e cartoons, Wiener Token is destined to become a prominent name over the next few months. 

The main goal of the team is accomodate a pre-sale that generates sufficient liquidity towards the project, as well as an aid into marketing efforts.

Following launch, the team will shift efforts to maintaining a high consoldiation and floor in market cap, gaining new holders and maximum exposure.  This will allow for the project to get "to the next level" following every new breakthrough.

Q3 2021


-Wiener Token Pre-Sale on 7/11
-Continue CoinSniper, CoinHunt, Poocoin Banner Promotions
-Launch on Pancakeswap

-Use liquidated funds from Pre-Sale to strengthen marketing campaign, full TechRate Audit + publishing, pursue exchange listings i.e WhiteBit
-Seek out partnerships with mid-tier influencers for reoccurring exposure 
-Listing on CMC, CoinGecko, etc.
-Release full NFT marketplace with dApp within a month of launch

Q4 2021

-With NFT marketplace launched, continue collaboration with team artists to create more unique artwork
-Develop merchandise, hats, shirts, apparel utilizing "Wiener" related meme and gimmick branding
-Identify new market opportunities to promote $WIENER, from pornstars to celebrities
-Continue ground-level marketing efforts
-Expand in Asian crypto social groups
-Partner with reputable animal shelters, seek out other potential charitable causes outside of rescues

Q1 2022

-Collaborate with artists and branch out into cartoons, youtube media, Twitch.  Cartoon ideas such as a new "Sonic The Hedgehog", but instead with a Dachshund and incorporating tokens instead of rings (just to give an example)
-Seek out new exchange possibilities
-App development related to dApp innovations
-Expand the team, create an entire Ecosystem around $WIENER

Dachshund Rescue

While MEMEs are fun, the underlying theme of this project is to bring attention to dachshund's in need of a new home.


According to BarkPost, Dachshund's are the 6th most common dog in animal shelters.  This might be a suprising statistic, because on the surface dachshund's are small and loveable furry friends.


This high abandonment rate is due to dachshund's being one of the most popular pets, coupled with their necessity for constant attention, high training curve for inexperienced owners, high maintenance costs, and high probability to develop medical conditions (specifically IVDD) later in life - resulting in astronomically high medical costs.


No, these little guys aren't owned by Elon Musk, but they are still a staple pet for cultures around the world.

Following the pre-sale, Wiener Token pledges to donate 10% of the obtained funds to the Dachshund Rescue of North America.  Future marketing transaction fees will be used to donate to more charities on a vested, case by case basis.


Everyone who invests in $WIENER will be making a small but appreciated donation to dachshund's around the world.


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  • hardknocks.png
  • logoshirt.png
  • wiener moon.png

$WIENER Token will not just stop at delivering a promising DeFi project, but is keen on creating an entire ecosystem, media empire, MEME merchandise apparel, and eventually - cartoons.


Dog MEME coins take off long-term due to a strong community, developers who continue to put hours into a project despite dips on the chart, and find to creative ways to get the general public aware of the project.

The name 'WIENER' simply enough gets people's attention.  Unfortunately, no other WIENER related project in the DeFi landscape was persistent enough in creating a legitimate and profitable project.  The possibilities with $WIENER Token are endless, and the fullest extent will be realized.


Imagine a new WIENER cartoon, with the protagonist small wiener dog sporting a Napolean complex, who ala Sonic The Hedgehog collects tokens (not rings) that gives him abilities to fight crime in a comedic way.  Sound ridiculous? Our team will thrive on suprising you!


Imagine partnerships with dog charities, pornstars (because WIENER has a sexual innuendo), influencers who love dachshunds, and dachshund related influencers (look up 'Cruseo the Dachshund' and his millions of followers on social media).

$WIENER Token promises to explore every avenue and generate exposure while growing the project and developing further utilities.


We are still so early in the brainstorming process.  We will reward our HODLers.


1.   Download MetaMask Wallet for your browser.

2.  Since this is a BEP-20 token, set up Binance Smart Chain settings for your wallet.  Click here for a guide from Binance.

3.  Puchase BNB (Binance's Native Token) and send it to your MetaMask wallet.  You can purchase BNB from the  Binance Exchange, or Binance.US.

4.  Click this link to purchase $WIENER from Pancakeswap.  Pancakeswap will swap the input amount of BNB for the current market price of $WIENER. Set slippage to 11-12% to account for transaction fees and market volume fluctuations.

5.  HODL, watch the amount of tokens you own constantly increase due to redistribution, and do your part in the community!